How to Select a Good Bottle of Red Wine

How to Select a Good Bottle of Red Wine

Bottles of wine generally come with fanciful names such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. There is this exhilaration one feels when handling such an intimidating commodity.  The names could be quite catchy but what is more important is getting the best of the best when purchasing a bottle of red wine. The hall mark of any red wine is the qualities it possesses.

There are main factors which one must consider in having that unforgettable red sparkling rich liquid that swirls glamorously in that tall glass with a slender rim which is caressed by your fingers and that broad bowl feature that allows you to sniff in the aroma of the wealth of the wine and enjoy the taste as well.

 Firstly, every red wine has a tannin content which give it is peculiar bitter taste. Tannin is found in the skin and seeds of the grapes, berries or other fruits that are used in making wine which contributes to its taste. The more tannins that are in a wine, the darker in color it would be. The lower the tannins however, the sweeter the wine.

 In addition, since wines are made from either a single fruit or different combination of fruits, there is a varied range of flavors when it comes to getting any bottle of red wine. The common flavors include earthy, fruity, smoky, herbal, zesty, spicy and so on. Thus, for any good red wine, the flavor is important.

Also have it in mind, the alcohol by volume level when selecting a bottle. Alcohol is a good preservative for the longevity of any wine even though it is not a requisite for a good wine. It is always written on the wine label. The higher the alcohol content, the lower the residual sugar level and consequently the sweetness. It is not however the case but it is mostly the case. So, depending on your specification and taste buds, the alcohol per volume level is a pointer in the way you should go.

Not the least on the list, red wines have a full body. It means that when put in the mouth, it has a heavy feel unlike the white wines which feel lighter in the mouth.

 There you go. When you take that beautiful lady on a date or you have that big occasion you are planning, always remember that it is not difficult to get a bottle of red wine befitting of your status.