Affordable White Wine & How to Find One

Affordable White Wine & How to Find One

There are thousands of refreshing, delicious and affordable Whites out there. Yet you are having a hard time narrowing down to a few that you can pick out to treat your taste buds without raiding your wallet? Then you have landed in the right place.

Preference Tops

If you like sweeter tastes like apple juice, you should pick a wine with lower percentage of tannins. If you have a preference for bitter tastes, pick out a drier white wine.

Old World Wines

Old world wines come from wineries who have been in the business for centuries. They own their lands and have already recovered their costs. They are less likely to pass on their costs to the consumer unlike vineries in the New World wine regions.

Second-Label Wines

As vineyards become more selective about the grapes they use in their wines, many similar grapes don’t make the cut. These grapes are used in making almost identical to their pricey wines called second-label wines.

Other Factors You May Consider

  • Lesser Known Grapes
  • Try a New Region
  • Don’t Get Swayed by Illustrations