Tessora’s Wine Bar in Campbell is So Much Fun!

Tessora’s Wine Bar in Campbell is So Much Fun!

If you have never taken the time to enjoy a day at Tessora’s Barra di Vino in Campbell, you have been greatly missing out! My friends and I recently ventured to Tessora’s Wine Bar and spent the afternoon enjoying each other’s company on their outdoor patio soaking in the warm sun and drinking up their delicious wine.

Their Wine & Food Menu Delights

Our joyous and merry afternoon spent in a wine-induced daze was filled with delectable international or Domestic wines, Artisan craft or draft beer, and topped with cuisines and desserts from their unbeatable bistro menu. The beer flights and wine bottles of different tastes paired incredibly with the food offerings from the genius Chef Jenni. The patio was comfortable with just enough shade and sun to make it the perfect atmosphere, and when the sun started to sink down the horizon, the area lit up with soft white lights wrapped up the trees and trailing the building. Overall, Tessora’s Wine Bar gave us atmosphere, ambiance, and tasting to delight every single sense and kept our outing alive longer than any other winery or brewery has been able to!

Picture this: five friends sitting around a table outside of Tessora’s while the sun shines just perfectly through the trees and surrounding buildings. The friends take their time looking over the seasonal Bistro menu and daily specials and determine whether a craft beer, red or white wine would pair best. We ended up at the wine bar out of pure luck, and we were pleasantly surprised when we realized that we picked an evening that Tessora’s was providing live music entertainment. Our entire experience from start to finish was filled with laughter, jokes, energizing music, and happy hour drinks. Needless to say, by the end of our wine indulged evening, we left with memories and laughter that will stick with us forever.

I Can't Wait for My Next Visit

I am so looking forward to my next trip to Tessora Barra di Vino! My friend group and I have already made plans to return together. My next goal is to get my friends together and head to Tessora’s Wine Bar to take on one of their trivia nights. I can already hear, see, and smell the evening. It will be full of savory foods, top-quality wines, and head-to-head competition. Of course, the most challenging part of that night won’t be answering the trivia questions but rather deciding which wine to choose from the over 20 International and Domestic wines offered and how to ensure a perfect pairing with the food available on the fresh and seasonal bistro menu.


I simply haven’t been able to keep myself from sharing this experience and spreading the word about this beautiful wine bar. I have been too excited not to share this location and the magic it brought my friends and me to others. The owners and chef of Tessora Barra di Vino deserve major recognition for bringing this slice of wine heaven to Campbell and serving Campbell wine in a welcoming and refreshing way.