What Is The Healthiest Grape For Wine?

What Is The Healthiest Grape For Wine?

Wine lovers have held to the belief that there are health benefits from drinking red wine—and the science absolutely supports it. Now, more wine drinkers are wondering about the details behind their favorite wines. Is all red wine equally healthy, and what role do grapes play in the overall healthiness of a red wine? Studies show that some grapes—and consequently, some types of red wine—might be better for you than others. In this post, we will explore the healthiest grape variety for red wine drinkers.


The Pinot Noir

Many wine drinkers assume that Pinot Noir is simply a type of wine. While that is true, the name isn’t just for the wine. Pinot Noir wine is made using Pinot Noir grapes—and health experts believe that this grape in particular can offer the most benefits to wine drinkers who are looking for an added health boost. This special grape, named for its iconic bunches that are shaped like pine cones, has some pretty incredible perks tucked away within it.


What Benefits Do Pinot Noir Grapes Offer?

Pinot Noir grapes are not just known for their beauty and wonderful flavor. These powerful beads from nature also come with some pretty great health perks for those who are looking to offer their bodies some extra support. Like most red wine grapes, Pinot Noir grapes are known for their rich collection of antioxidants. In short, these antioxidants can offer protection and benefits for your body on a cellular level.

The most notable benefits from the Pinot Noir grape’s antioxidant levels are lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Both of these benefits are why red wine is often considered a “heart healthy” alcohol option. However, Pinot Noir grapes offer a few other perks as well, including improvements to insulin sensitivity and overall brain function. Though it might make you a little silly in the moment, long-term, this style of wine can actually boost your cognitive function rather than hinder it—within reason, of course.


The Power of Resveratrol

If resveratrol is a word that you haven’t heard before, don’t worry. This is simply the technical name for the most common antioxidant compound present in Pinot Noir grapes. While red grapes are filled with good antioxidants, resveratrol is considered to be a cut above the rest and contributes to all of the lovely perks that come with Pinot Noir grapes, as well as the wine itself. Though other grapes do have this compound, Pinot Noir grapes have much higher levels, which is why they have earned their spot as the healthiest grape for wine.



For ages, doctors have recommended a glass or two of red wine for its many health benefits. While many of the more popular red wines can suit this need, Pinot Noir is ideal for those who are really looking to capitalize on actual health benefits. Next time you go to reach for a bottle, you might want to choose this tasty option to harness the full power of the grapes within. As a bonus, this wine is exceptionally delicious too!