Why Try Riesling on Your Next Wine Bar Outing in Campbell

Why Try Riesling on Your Next Wine Bar Outing in Campbell

When it comes to imported wines, most people think of Italy or France. But don’t forget about German wines the next time you’re in a wine bar. Germany’s Riesling follows one of the oldest winemaking traditions and is a worthy contender for filling into your awaiting wine glass.

What is Riesling?

From the Rhine River region, Riesling is a white wine grape that is aromatic with floral and fruit flavors. When made into this distinctive wine, it elicits a light body full of breathtaking citrus, white flower, petrol, and stone fruit aromas. It’s highly acidic, making for ideal late harvest wine.

How Does Riesling Taste?

When you sip a glass of Riesling at a wine bar, the aromas arise with intensity from the glass. Primarily, the orchard fruit aromas dominate though you should get a peek at jasmine, honeycomb, and a smell akin to petroleum wax. On the palate, the high acidity makes it feel similar to lemonade. In short, it’s a refreshing wine to try in Campbell, especially on a warm day.

Most Riesling wines that you’ll find tend to be sweeter to balance the acidity. However, you will also find dry varieties of this wine which may better suit your preferences.

How to Pair Riesling at the Wine Bar

A good wine bar will always have food to accompany your selections. When you try Riesling for the first time, you will enjoy it best with spicy flavors. Indian or Asian flavors are truly spectacular for tasting with Riesling, though you can also go by the meat. If you choose duck, bacon, pork, chicken, shrimp, or crab, they will be a match.

For those that love pairing wine with cheese, the more delicate you go in flavor with your cheese, the better. Soft cow’s milk cheeses along with dried fruit make a stunning complement for Riesling.

Meat isn’t required to enjoy a good Riesling either. This German wine is wonderful with roasted vegetables or those that impart a natural sweetness in flavor. Think carrots, eggplant, and squash.

The Wine Bar in Campbell Where You Need to Try Riesling

Head to Campbell’s charming downtown and you’ll discover Tessora’s Barro di Vino, a wine bar and restaurant that gives you an incredible experience. The menu features over 20 wines available by the glass as well as flights and tastings.

The wine list changes weekly to share great new finds to spice things up. With food by Chef Jenni that ranges from small plates on to scrumptious desserts, this Campbell wine bar has it all, including Riesling, to keep you coming back for more.