Live Music in Downtown Campbell

Live Music in Downtown Campbell

Good live music is often hard to find in Downtown Campbell. With so many restaurants, most of them cater to the in and out style of business with their dining customers. They don't take the care of trying to get to know their customers and create an actual "Fun Experience". They keep the space a bit chilly and would rather turntables. This is the complete opposite of what Tessora's Barra di Vino is all about.

Carol, the owner of Tessora's, has brought the bar high. She makes it a point with her winetenders to let the customer know they are welcome to stay. Enjoy yourself and be a part of our family. The wine tenders ask very specific questions to try and understand your palate for the food you will taste and advise the best wine to match.

If it's not enough that the dining area is comfortable, the food is created by a professional chef and Tessora's has chosen some of the best wines. The live music chosen by Carol is some of the best high energy and fun bands that the Bay Area has to offer. With bands like Hootenanny!, we have chosen wisely in creating an environment where you can get up and dance and site back down and enjoy another glass of wine.

We hope to see you this weekend for some live music. Check out our "Calendar" and see what we are up too. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (408) 626-7711.

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