Fun Things to Do in Campbell, CA

Fun Things to Do in Campbell, CA

Campbell is a fairly small city. Surrounded by its counterparts like Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and San Jose, it's population is a fraction of the Bay Area giants. With that said, many people around the Silicon Valley travel anywhere from 5 to 20 miles to visit Campbell's downtown. It is lined with restaurants. Ranging from Japanese, Americana, Mexican, Italian and much more. Do you want a burger? Your covered. Do you want pizza? No problem. What about gourmet bites? Well we can take care of that and make sure to pair your wine right along with it. Many people just walk down the strip with their dog meeting friends for a quick bite. It is a beautiful place to capture what California is all about.

Let's not forget about Downtown Campbell Farmer's Market. It is one of a kind. You will find great prices on local fresh produce. Plus, deals from local vendors selling chiropractic sessions, massages and more. Let's not forget the intricate art and retail vendors as well. I would always make sure to buy my wife the biggest bouquet of flowers since they were so cheap. I would get a whole bunch for about $10. Costco can't even beat that. lol

As for fun things to do at night... there are a few dance clubs to take a look at, but there isn't much for a place to relax to talk with friends, enjoy a glass of wine and listen to some great music. OTHER THAN TESSORA'S! We do a trivia night as well. Bring your friends and team up against others to answer fun questions ranging from history, culture, sports and more. Make sure to bring your friends that have the brain for it since you will have some tough competition.

We hope to see you at Tessora's soon. If you have any questions about our menu, booking an event or our music calendar, give us a ring at (408) 626-7711.


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