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Why Try Riesling on Your Next Wine Bar Outing in Campbell

When it comes to imported wines, most people think of Italy or France. But don’t forget about German wines the next time you’re in a wine bar. Germany’s Riesling follows one of the oldest winemaking traditions and is a worthy contender for filling into your awaiting wine glass. What is Riesling? From the Rhine River…
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5 Benefits of Taking Wine After Dinner

There is no better way of celebrating an event than with a sumptuous meal followed by a glass of wine. To most people, splashing a merlot just after dinner is a small way to relax but unknown to many, this act has more benefits than one can imagine. Here, we highlight five benefits of taking…
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Healing Properties of Wine

Whenever people gather for a celebration, wine happens to be on the list of drinks. Wine is not only taken for celebrations or fun purposes. It possesses some healing benefits to the body. It comes in various forms; red wine, orange wine, and white wine. The contrast between the three kinds of wines is that…
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