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How is Port Wine Typically Made?

If you have ever tasted Port, chances are that you are already a fan of this famous dessert wine that is rich, sweet and a little viscous than the traditional red wines. Along with its intense flavor, the added spirits (77% ABV Brandy) which stabilize this wine for long aging also account for the reasons…
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How to Select a Good Bottle of Red Wine

Bottles of wine generally come with fanciful names such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. There is this exhilaration one feels when handling such an intimidating commodity.  The names could be quite catchy but what is more important is getting the best of the best when purchasing a bottle of red wine. The hall mark…
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Taco Tuesday in Downtown Campbell

Tessora's Restaurant and Wine Bar will be serving up some cool drinks today during our Taco Tuesday! Including some amazing Sangria! Yum... Starting off this hot weather with a cool and fun twist with a wine from Argentina.... New Age white wine on the rocks with a spritz of lime. Also as another option we…
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